Laslow Lester Schonstal (b. 1935)

Laslow Lester Schonstal was born in Budapest, Hungary. His childhood was a happy one, and his family lived a comfortable life. It wasn’t until 1944, when the Germans invaded Hungary to be closer to the Russian front that life became increasingly more difficult. He and his family were moved to an apartment building marked with a yellow star, indicating that only Jews lived there. As the Jewish community became more and more limited in what they were able to do and where they were able to go, Lester and several other boys his age made fake Red Cross uniforms in order to move more freely around the town. Unfortunately, it was not long before he and the others were discovered, arrested and deported to Buchenwald. 

Lester was imprisoned in Buchenwald for a short time before being moved to several other camps, including Neubrandenburg, Ravensbruck, and finally Wobbelin, near Schwerin, Germany. He was in Wobbelin when the American troops liberated the camp.