Eddy Shuldman (b. 1954)

Eddy Shuldman was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1954. Her parents Phillip and Anne were both survivors of the Holocaust and met in Dayton, where both of them had moved after the war. The family moved to Portland in 1956 and settled first in Laurelhurst. They moved to southwest Portland to be close to the newly built Neveh Shalom building, where Eddy was a bat mitzvah in 1966. Eddy graduated from the Hillel Academy and Wilson High School before going on to study special and elementary education at Portland State and the University of Oregon.

Eddy worked in special education throughout her career, being part of the founding of Woodmere Alternative School in southeast Portland, and later worked at Madison High School and the Alternative Focus Program. It was at Woodmere that Eddy met her husband Jeff Edmundson. They had one son, Ari, whom they raised at Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Eddy has been at the forefront of founding several Portland Jewish enterprises. She was among the founding members, including Noam Stampfer, Mark Sherman and Leonard Shapiro, of the Downstairs Minyan at Neveh Shalom, a group of egalitarian Jews looking for a more personal, lay-led service. She was also very active in the short-lived Eshul, which was founded by a group of observant Jewish women who were looking for a place to pray where their voices could be heard along with men’s voices in prayer. Eddy is a co-founder of the Jewish artists’ collective ORA, in Portland. She is a fused glass artist.