Chedwah Van Tijn Stein (b. 1921)

Chedwah Stein (nee Van Tijn) was born in Amsterdam, Holland. Her mother was Francesca Cohn and her father was Jacques van Tijn. She had one brother, David. Jacques was a geologist, and the family traveled a lot for his work, so she lived in South Africa, Mexico and Uganda as a child. 

In 1940, after the German invasion of Holland, her father escaped to England with his second wife, and her brother was sent to live in the United States, but Chedwah and her mother stayed. Chedwah’s mother got her an exit permit, and Chedwah arrived in the United States in 1940. Her mother stayed in Holland, where she was sent to Bergen-Belsen until she was exchanged for a group of Germans in Palestine and eventually came to the United States. 

Chedwah lived in New York and got a BA and MA in nutrition. She worked for the New York City Health Department where she trained nurses and had a radio program encouraging healthy meals. She lost her job in New York with people returning from the war, so she moved to Oregon and worked for the Oregon State Health Division. 

Chedwah married Bob Stein, a journalist, who was not Jewish. They had four children: Vicky, Roberta, David and Jennifer.