Morris "Moe" Stein

Morris “Moe” Stein was born and raised in Canada. He and his wife, Lilian, had two children: a son, Joshua, and a daughter. He came to Portland in 1967 to be the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Portland. Moe’s philosophy as the Executive Director of the Portland Jewish Federation was that in order to be a Jewish community leader, you had to understand the totality of being a Jew. He also believed that the Federation should not manage it’s affiliate agencies; rather, it should give them autonomy but always try to work together for the best interests of the community. For this and many other reasons, Moe was known as an outstanding professional who developed good relations with the agency professionals and promoted leadership in the lay community, especially young leaders. 

In 1977 he moved to Texas to become Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, from which he retired. He earned his Ph.D in his 70s and taught classes on organizational development at a university in Dallas.