Morris Tiktin (b. 1921)

Morris Tiktin was born in New York City, in 1921, to Samuel and Miriam Tiktin, who came to the US from Palestine where his mother was born. He was the youngest in a large family, and grew up in a religious home, which he scorned and avoided. After high school, he was drafted into the US Army during the Second World War, trained briefly as a medic before being sent to the University of Cincinnati to study German, and after that to France, where he spent the remainder of the war. After the war he studied psychology and got involved in the Jewish Community Center (JCC) at a national level. In 1960, he moved to Portland, where he was the executive director of the Portland JCC for 13 years. After leaving the JCC, he expanded his private psychology practice, and was one of the founders of the Eggheads, a very liberal social group with many fellow travelers.