Lottie Waxman (1923-1995)

Lottie Feuchtbaum Waxman was born October 3, 1923 in Vienna, Austria. Her father was Solomon Feuchtbaum. Her mother was Josephine Siner. Both families were from Galitzia, Austria. Lotte had one brother, Johnny. Both her mother’s and father’s family were observant Jews. Her parents spoke German, Polish and Yiddish.

Lottie’s father was a photographer and had three studios in Vienna. Her mother managed one of the studios. They had a housekeeper, Heide, who took care of Lottie and Johnny. They had a lovely home and spent summers in Italy. Their home was near downtown and the Jewish quarter where there were thousands of Jews. 

Lottie attended school from age six to fourteen. In 1938 Lottie could no longer go to school or associate with non-Jews. On Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938, her father’s studios were taken away and they were given two hours to get out of their apartment. Their parents managed to arrange for the children to be sent to safety. In 1939 Johnny went to a relative in England and Lottie went to strangers in Sweden where she stayed until she was 15 and moved with other Jewish young people in a big apartment supported by the Swedes. She found a photographer who would train her in photography.

She was never to see her parents again. They were murdered shortly after they were taken from their home in Vienna.

Lottie married Ernest Waxman in 1945 and began working for an organization called Self Help that helped Jews once the war ended. She worked on the busses that were clearing the camps in Sweden. Lottie and her husband and her in-laws came to the United States in 1949 and became citizens five years later.

Lottie died on October 12, 1995 in Portland, Oregon