Berger Collection at OJM

One of Oregon Jewish Museum’s most significant holdings is the collection of Jewish ceremonial objects donated by Gustav and Mira Berger. Gustav Berger was born in Vienna in 1920, where his father and grandfather were dealers of art and antiques. Mira came from Vilna, which was Poland at the time of her birth and is in Lithuania today. After meeting in Italy following the war, the Bergers moved to New York in 1954, where Gustav began his illustrious career as a painting conservator, opening his own studio in 1967. He was an inventive conservator and developed BEVA, an adhesive for pa more

Completing the Picture

This is a story of when two documents meet again after a long separation. The first is a photograph from the collection of the National Council of Jewish Women, Portland Section, which ran the Neighborhood House in South Portland. As a settlement house for new immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century, Neighborhood House had among its services a free clinic for the local residents. In this photo, a doctor (possibly Dr. Gordeau), stands in the center of a room crowded with onlookers. Some of them are mothers with infants in need of check-ups; others appear to be doctors, nurses, and more