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Andreas Goldner


Andreas Michael Goldner was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1934. His parents were both physicians and had lost their positions. They thought Switzerland would be safe place however shortly after Andreas was born the Swiss closed the borders to German Jews and actually pressured the German government to place a large “J" on any passport given to Jews. They were expelled from Switzerland and had to return to Germany. Once in Germany his parents found positions at a small Hospital in Baden Baden owned by a Jewish family and he was sent to Kassel to stay with his maternal grandparents. Once his parents were settled, he was able to go to Baden Baden. Andreas's parents then made every attempt to come to the US. A friend who was a furniture imposter was able to get visas and affidavits from his US clients which he gave to friends who he believed would not survive the Nazis. He gave Andreas’s family these documents and they were on a train to France on Kristallnacht, November 9,1938. They were interned in France because Andreas had whooping cough. They were ultimately released and arrived in New York in December 1,1938. His mother's brother was arrested on Kristallnacht and died in Buchenwald before his family arrived in the United States. They stayed in New York until his father obtained a position at the Univ. of Chicago School of Medicine in 1941. Andreas began his education in Chicago where he learned English. His father became a U.S. Citizen in 1941 and immediately enlisted in the U.S. army. His father hoped he would be sent to Europe so that he could find his parents and siblings. Unfortunately they all died in Auschwitz. After graduating from High School, Andreas went to Oberlin College and spent one year at the University of Munich. After graduating in 1956, he continued his education and received an MA from Stanford University and a PhD from George Washington Univ., followed by Post Graduate training at Harvard school of Med and Yale School of Med. He was a Prof at Univ. of Calif School of Med in Davis, CA and ended his academic career as Associate Dean of the Univ. of Arizona College of Med. He am bilingual and has returned to Germany almost every year since 1952. He and his wife moved to Oregon in 1991.