Speaker's Bureau

Clarice Wilsey


Clarice tells the story of her late father, who was a liberator of and a physician for the people at Dachau Concentration Camp.

Captain David B. Wilsey, M.D., served as an Army physician during World War 11 in the front lines of Germany and France. At the liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp, he was one of 27 physicians that treated survivor patients in extreme conditions for over a month. The American physicians and medical staff risked their lives to bring healing to the 30,000 survivors experiencing deadly diseases, torture and malnutrition. Dr. Wilsey's family knew very little about his wartime experience. In 2009, when his children were cleaning out the family home, they found for the first time a box of letters Dr. Wilsey had written almost daily to his wife Emily while at Dachau and during his war experience. The letters had survived several moves and even a house fire. Dr. Wilsey asked his wife in several letters "to tell thousands so that millions will know what Dachau is and never forget the name of Dachau." His daughter, Clarice, was deeply affected by the discovery of the letters. She believes that her calling is to speak the words he was unable to voice after the war. Her presentation will outline the discovery of the letters and will read graphic excerpts of letters that her father wrote from Dachau. Her calling is to remind people to "never forget" the horrors of Dachau and the holocaust.