Speaker's Bureau

David H. Fuks


David Fuks has been an active member of Portland’s Jewish community for more than forty years. He has served on the Board of the Federation, worked as Chief Executive Officer of Cedar Sinai Park, and has volunteered for a variety of other organizations. David is the son of two Holocaust survivors. His father, Henry, was in the Lodz ghetto and spent five years in Buchenwald. His mother, Rachel, was taken from her home in Poland and was in Oberalstad, a slave labor camp near Prague. David grew up in a community of survivors in Detroit, Michigan. He moved to Oregon in 1974 after completing his education at the University of Michigan. Fuks is a published author of both short stories and poetry. He works as an actor and has a background in the improvisational comedy. His style as a writer, speaker and storyteller is peppered with both humor and poignancy.