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It’s Jewish! A Jewish Things Showcase

Invite an OJMCHE educator to come into your classroom with our special objects box for younger children. It’s full of things that help your students learn about Jewish life and includes objects that they can handle and photographs that they can look at.

Students will have the opportunity to "play curator" with the items in the box. Each participating student will wear professional cotton archiving gloves that curators use when they handle special objects. Students will be introduced to the experience of holding objects and they will also learn something about Jewish life.

In addition to viewing and handling objects in the box, students will take part in a hands on activity to "catalogue" one of the items.  They will also have a chance to create their own drawing as a record of their visit. This box is perfect for young age groups who have had little or no exposure to Jewish customs or traditions.

This collection is available free of charge to any interested groups.

To schedule a visit to your classroom email