Oral History

The Oral History Project is a key part of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education’s mission to preserve and present the history of Oregon’s Jewish community.  The current project expands and augments the Oregon Jewish Oral History and Archive collection assembled by Shirley Tanzer in the 1970s and the Holocaust survivor and witness interviews conducted by the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center from 1994 until 2012.  We aim to collect a comprehensive range of oral histories chronicling the Jewish experience from community members across the state. OJMCHE currently has over 700 interviews and continues to add to the collection with its ongoing project.

In 2014 OJMCHE received a grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission to provide online access to the collection.  Our goal over the next two years is to post all of the Oral Histories in our collection. Please check back regularly as we continue to add interviews.  Feel free to use the information in these interviews, but please use the following citation: Transcript, (Name of Interviewee) Oral History Interview, (Date of Interview), by (Name of Interviewer), Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. Online: <web address of cited transcript>. (Date of download).

For more information about the project or interviewees, to conduct onsite research, to be interviewed, or reproduction permission contact the Archivist at archives@ojmche.org.  

We extend our gratitude to the Oregon Heritage Commission for their support of the development of this webpage.